Altar Servers

Children in grade 3 and older who have received their First Communion are welcome to sign up for this ministry. Altar servers assist the priest at the weekend Masses. Training is provided.Altar Servers serve on a scheduled rotation basis.


Any adult who is a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church in good standing is welcome to join this ministry. Acolytes assist the priest at weekend Masses andare scheduled on a rotation basis. Training is provided.

Lectors / Commentators

Lectors are scheduled on a rotation basis. Training is provided.

Eucharistic Ministers

Any adult who is a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church in good standing is welcome to join this ministry. Eucharistic ministers are scheduled on a rotation basis. Training is provided.


Do you sing or play an instrument? We are always looking for more musicians to contribute to the beauty of the weekend Masses.

Choir Members

Our choirs are always looking for new people. 


Greeters need to arrive at the church at least 15 minutes before Mass in order to greet and welcome parishioners and visitors. Rotation basis. Training provided.


Ushers are needed at both weekend Masses to assist with seating, the Mass collection, the Communion procession, directing parishioners at Communion time and bulletin distribution at the end of Mass. Rotation basis. Training provided.

Offertory Families

Individuals, couples or families are needed to bring the Offertory Gifts of bread and wine and the collection basket to the altar at weekend Masses. If you are willing to serve on an occasional basis, please let us know.

Arts & Environment

Arts and Environment ministers decorate the sanctuary according to the Liturgical season.

Ministry of Praise

This is a spiritual ministry in which the members offer prayers for the needs of the parish members, the Church and the world. Each month volunteers receive a letter with specific requests for prayer.

Sacristy Team

Team members care for altar linens, vessels and candles and tidy the church for the weekend Masses, usually on Thursdays or Fridays.




Service / Outreach


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Members of St. Vincent de Paul are inspired by the Gospel to help our brothers and sisters in special need. St. Clare's is part of a 4-parish conference which offers food hampers and clothing or furniture to people in need in our area. Hamper packers and/or deliverers are needed either on a regular basis, which could be either weekly or monthly, or even on an occasional basis.


The Catholic Womans’ League is a national organization of women concerned with the spiritual development and enrichment of Christian women and families and who offer a variety of forms of service in the parish and beyond. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June.

Parish Pastoral Council

A group of parishionerswho assist in the goal-setting and pastoral planning for the parish.

Parish Finance Council

A group of parishioners with financial experience and acumen to monitor parish income and expenses, to prepare the annual budget and annual financial report to the Archdiocese and parish.

Maintenance Committee

Together with the pastor, the building and maintenance committee identifies the major maintenance and repair projects of the parish buildings and grounds and assumes the responsibility for the initiation, oversight and completion of the projects according to the provisions of the parish budget.